National Mall and Memorial Parks Statement


National Independence Day Parade Cancelled for 2021


After much thought and consideration, the National Park Service and Diversified Events have canceled this year’s National Independence Day Parade due to logistics and planning limitations.


The marching units that travel from across the country to participate in the parade have not had the necessary 8 to 18 months to organize, rehearse and fundraise before making the trip, and most are still unable to travel due to COVID-19 concerns. We are unable to stage a successful event without the excitement and sound provided by these high school bands, drill teams and
other youth organizations.


We share everyone’s disappointment in this decision and look forward to presenting this red, white and blue celebration of America’s birthday again on July 4, 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the parade start?

The parade starts at 11:45am and runs until 2:00pm

How long is the parade route?

The parade route is one mile in length, starting at the corner of Constitution Ave NW and 7th St NW, and ending at Constitution Ave NW and 17th St NW.

Is there seating along the parade route?

There is some seating available on the steps of the National Archives Building.

How can I watch the parade?

The National Independence Day Parade will be available to view on our YouTube channel or on July 4th at 5 pm EDT.

Is there an alternate time for the parade in case of inclement weather?

No, if weather is severe enough, the parade will be cancelled.

Where is the best place to view the parade?

Generally, the closer one gets toward the end of the parade route, at 17th St NW, the less crowded it is and therefore it’s easier to see the route.